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Internet Frontiers Web Development has been creating commercial quality Web sites since 1996. Started as a small "in-house" firm -- literally in the house of the company's founder -- Internet Frontiers has grown to provide e-commerce, online database, Flash, search engine optimization, language translation and other high-end services.

We are introduced to most of our new clients by referrals from existing clients. This is the best recognition anyone can get, yet our recognitions don't stop there. Industry trade groups have recognized Web sites created by Internet Frontiers as best in their class for design, content and delivery.

Accessibility is key to the success of any Web site. That's why Internet Frontiers has always designed high  performance Web sites using more commonly available, well established technologies.

Today many Web sites are created with programing that requires larger amounts of bandwidth, memory and other computer resources. Many developers forget that most Internet users do not have access to such luxuries, dramatically reducing the potential audience for the sites they design. A site may look good when viewed with a DSL, Cable or T-3 connection, but for someone with a 56K modem such a site is probably not worth the wait.

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