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Selling Online
With the large number "dot-coms" that turned into "dot-bombs" some business owners are not sure if their business can afford to sell items online. Cost seems to be a main  concern, yet an efficient and affective "online store" doesn't have to be a major financial investment.

Static or Database Driven?
First, determine whether or not a database is necessary. If there  are a large variety of items or if the items change frequently, a database is a must. Modification to the selection of items and their description, features and price can be easily maintained by the site owner or an  employee. This keeps the site fresh and current, while keeping maintenance and development costs low.

If only one or two standard items are being sold and nothing is going to be added or modified on a frequent basis, a static online store may do the trick.

Order Processing and Fulfillment
Of the online selling experience, security and payment processing may seem overwhelming business owners.  Establishing and maintaining a secure online network is too costly for many. Does that mean e-commerce is out of reach?

No. There are many reputable, secure, third-party services designed to meet this specific need. Subscribing to such a service enables business owners to better serve their customers without unnecessary worry.

Estimated Cost
Only a few different software products and services  are necessary to add the functionality of online purchasing to a web site. The approximate cost for these are as follows:

    Shopping Cart software (with set up)  $200.00 -- one-time license fee
    Database program (flat file)  $200.00 -- one-time license fee or
    Database program (relational - SQL) $600.00 -- one-time license fee

    Secure Payment Processing  $20.00 -- monthly plus transaction fee

Contact us today for an evaluation of your online needs.

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